Basic 76sqm

Exterior Dimensions L11.80m x W6.4m x  H2.53 Gross Weight: 4250kg Configuration: 1-4 Bedroom Windproof: 127km (up to 220*) WELCOME TO Home For those seeking a wallet-friendly yet comfortable living space, our Cozy Budget Tiny Steel Home, spanning 76 square meters, presents an ideal solution. Sharing the same practical floor plan and bedroom options as its […]

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Luxury 76sqm

Welcome to property Are you in search of the ultimate off-grid living experience in a tiny steel home? Look no further than our Cozy Luxury Tiny Steel Home, a spacious 76-square-meter abode designed to exceed your expectations. With superior insulation, premium finishes, and a practical layout, this relocatable gem offers you a comfortable and healthy […]

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Standard 76sqm

1 entry door Colour Options: multiple Gable option (image) Windproof: 127km (up to 220*) WELCOME TO Home If you’re seeking an efficient and affordable off-grid living solution with a familiar 76-square-meter layout, then the Cozy Standard Tiny Steel Home deserves your serious consideration. This compact yet comfortable home mirrors the practical floor plan and bedroom […]

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