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Are you in search of the ultimate off-grid living experience in a tiny steel home? Look no further than our Cozy Luxury Tiny Steel Home, a spacious 76-square-meter abode designed to exceed your expectations. With superior insulation, premium finishes, and a practical layout, this relocatable gem offers you a comfortable and healthy living space, free from the troubles of condensation and mold. You'll appreciate the 75mm fire-retardant infill insulation in the walls and ceiling, as well as the double-glazed windows that provide excellent soundproofing. The practical design allows for up to 6 bedrooms, a generously sized kitchen, a spacious 2 person shower, and a large lounge area. Experience the epitome of luxurious and efficient living with our Cozy Luxury Tiny Steel Home.

  • (Larger shower) $105,000
  • Large “L” shape marble top kitchen and bathroom with 2 person shower
  • Double insulated steel vortex cladding (wood style)
  • 75mm external walls
  • Double Glazed Windows with  PVC or aluminum frames
  • SPC floors wood style
  • 2 Entry doors
  • Colour Options: multiple
  • Gable option (see Gable image)
  • Windproof: 127km (up to 220*)
Gable option RENT PRICE
Front Gable Cover no porch 2m $6000
Front Gable cover with 1.5m porch $11000
Front Gable cover with 2m porch $12500
Full Gable Cover $28,000
Full Gable cover with 1.5m porch $35000
Full Gable cover with 2m porch $36500

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