NZ Dollar
  • Exterior Dimensions L5.6m x W2.2m x  H2.4

Introducing our latest innovation in compact living – the Cozy Baby Contain 26! Crafted with ingenuity and designed for the modern adventurer, this tiny home packs a punch in a modest 26 square meters, seamlessly combining a bathroom, kitchenette, studio bedroom, and terrace into a harmonious living space.

Perfect for those on the go, the Cozy Baby Contain 26 is not just a tiny home; it’s a lifestyle solution. Its portable design ensures easy transport and quick setup, making it the ideal companion for those seeking both mobility and comfort.

Beyond its practicality, the Cozy Baby Contain 26 is a stylish addition to our family of baby home products. Immerse yourself in a contemporary living experience that marries functionality with aesthetic appeal. Welcome to a world where compact doesn’t mean compromising – it means embracing a new way of living with flair. Step into the future with the Cozy Baby Contain 26 – your cozy haven on the move.

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